Woman Suspects Bride Is Trying To Push Her Out Of Her Brother’s Wedding, Has A Plan To Outsmart Her (2024)

Woman Suspects Bride Is Trying To Push Her Out Of Her Brother’s Wedding, Has A Plan To Outsmart Her (1)

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Sometimes, people your family members decide to get involved with don’t seem to like you that much. In some cases, you can not pay attention to it and live your life without them on your mind. But some other times, their dislike can manifest in very suspicious ways. For example, they try to push you out of their wedding by not giving you all the information and driving you mad. A similar thing happened in today’s story. And we could say that it ended on quite a cliffhanger.

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Some people like playing mind games that result in you being painted as the bad guy while they get off innocent

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Woman agrees to be a bridesmaid at her brother’s wedding but soon starts to get suspicious of the bride’s actions

Woman kept asking for the bridesmaid’s dress color, but everyone kept dodging her question


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After finally finding out the color through outside sources, woman decides to get revenge by confusing the bride


Bride’s plan becomes clear on the wedding day, as the woman understands that bride never intended to let her be a bridesmaid

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The brother was starting to see his now-wife’s manipulations, as he came back from honeymoon early and alone


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The brother’s mother and sister intervened, and the couple got back together and soon got pregnant

The post’s author is a medical school student who lives across the country from her family, and she was invited to her brother’s wedding as a bridesmaid.

As a bridesmaid, the OP needed to order a dress. But she wasn’t sure what color the dress should be, as it was said that the update for the color would be addressed later. But it never was, even after exhaustive asking. Turns out, the color was lavender, as the woman’s mother clarified.

Usually, lavender dresses are put under thepurplecategory. This color category is associated with royalty, luxury, power, and mystery. Back in the day, purple was used to convey one’s status in society. So, it could be said that a choice to dress bridesmaids in any purple shade can make them look like royalty. Maybe that’s the reason why this color is one of the most popularchoices for modern bridesmaids.


Coming back to the story, since the site offered several options for lavender, the OP took the journey to figure out which one was needed. She texted the maid of honor (the bride’s sister), and before getting an unclear answer, she was scolded for not having a dress ordered up until then. The maid of honor also didn’t remember the shade’s name, so she later sent a blurry picture of a wrinkled order confirmation, which said that the shade was “mulberry.”

To find out the exact color, the bridesmaid called the bridal salon and asked about it. She answered that four dresses were in “flint” shade, and one was in “mulberry.” That made the OP realize that the maid of honor was letting her believe all dresses were in mulberry, which only strengthened her speculations about being pushed out.

And that’s when the post’s author decided to get revenge. She bought two dresses in both purple colors. For the rehearsal, she showed up in a mulberry dress. As this was the wrong shade, she was asked to drop out of the wedding. The next day, she showed up in the dress of the right shade, pretending it was all a coincidence that they had this dress at the salon when she needed it.

Image credits: Drew Coffman (not the actual photo)

If all of it wasn’t enough, the post’s author’s speculations were confirmed when she found out that the makeup artist was told there wasn’t an additional bridesmaid, meaning they had planned for her not to be involved from the beginning.

And if you thought that was the end of the whole story, you’re mistaken!

During the reception, there were no place settings for the OP and her little brother at the wedding party. They also didn’t get food initially, as their plates were brought to other tables where they were supposed to be seated. Their brother, whose wedding it was, seemed annoyed that this was happening. Before he left, he told the OP that the maid of honor stated that the OP had asked to be dropped from the wedding party weeks ago and then demanded to be involved after coming. But that wasn’t the truth!

It was getting clearer that the bride was a terrible person, and it was confirmed when the older brother left with his now-wife for the honeymoon and returned home early and alone. For some time, it was the story’s ending for the Redditor. But then the OP posted another update, which she dubbed “Honeymoon edition.”

When the brother came home from his honeymoon, he stayed at a hotel. Even family members had a hard time getting in touch with him. The public story was that he got ill and came back to the hotel due to a plumbing renovation at home, while the wife stayed at the vacation spot to enjoy the trip.

Under the original post, people assured the woman that she was not a jerk in this situation. They were confused about the antics of the bride and her party — why couldn’t they just tell her the color of the dress? Granted, the updates in the original post clarified that there was a plan to drop her from the wedding all this time. Well, it was indeed a very jerk-ish move from the bride and her party.

After the second update, which was called “Honeymoon edition,” online folks dubbed half of the OP’s family as jerks. The way the bride, now the wife of the brother, acted towards his siblings during the celebration was outrageous.

Then, it seemed that she got into a massive fight with her husband, but it was all swept under the rug, as the post’s author’s mother and sister did some “damage control.” Everyone seemed to be on Team Bride, who was showing massive red flags right from the start. In netizens’ eyes, this whole situation will boil over, and it won’t be nice, as the brother’s wife seems like a very manipulative woman.

People online were perplexed by what a manipulative person the bride seemed to be and how icky the whole family was for technically taking the bride’s side

Woman Suspects Bride Is Trying To Push Her Out Of Her Brother’s Wedding, Has A Plan To Outsmart Her (2)

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Woman Suspects Bride Is Trying To Push Her Out Of Her Brother’s Wedding, Has A Plan To Outsmart Her (2024)


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May 26, 2014

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Best Woman/Best Girl/Best Gal” (Same word pattern as “Best Man.”) “Made of Honor” (Appropriate for a man who is the “Maid of Honor.”) “Woman of Distinction” (Refers only to the Maid of Honor.)

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