The 9 Best LEGO Batman Sets (Updated 2019) (2023)

Who has the coolest gadgets, the tricked out rides, and knows every martial art in history? BATMAN! Who got his own LEGO movie? BATMAN! Batman is one of the coolest superheroes of all time, and LEGO loves him. They even gave him his own theme based on his many cartoons and movies. Running from 2006 to 2008, the theme got the axe, but Batman came back in the ongoing DC Comics theme. He’s also a big part of The LEGO Movie franchise, so he is a big part of LEGO right now.

With all the sets that the Dark Knight has under his belt, it is time we decide the best LEGO Batman sets. Please note, this is the opinion of a Batfan. If you do not like it, feel free to disagree and let me know in the comments.

The Best LEGO Batman Sets

Brick Pals Favorite – Batman: Arkham Asylum Breakout, Set 10937

The 9 Best LEGO Batman Sets (Updated 2019) (1)

Fun Fact: This place got its name from the town of Arkham, Massachusetts from H.P. Lovecraft’s mythos. The Asylum, though, is likely the more famous one now. This place has a long and dark history. Even the person who built Arkham Asylum, Amadeus Arkham, was sent there. Comic book fans will know Arkham as the place where everyone in Gotham who is too crazy or dangerous goes. Scarecrow, Penguin, Poison Ivy, The Joker, and more are some of the A-listers found. Batman keeps an eye on the Asylum at all times, because the inmates have escaped many times.

LEGO has made several versions of the Asylum over the years, but this one is our favorite pick. With 1619 pieces and dimensions of 12″x13″x5″ this set has plenty of room to spare. That is only the Asylum itself: the sign is 5″ high and 9″ wide. With its size and piece number, this will be a bit of a complicated set to build, so it is meant for ages 12 and up. The features, though, are worth the time to build.

Arkham has individual cells for its inmates to make it as hard as possible to escape. Poison Ivy’s cell is clear and transparent so she cannot get her plant friends in to bust her out. Mr. Freeze’s cell is kept at below freezing temperatures, so it is covered with snow and ice. Despite not being a patient (yet), Dr. Quinzel has a changing room where she turns into her alter ego of Harley Quinn. The rest of the cells can open up to wreak havoc.

Outside of the building, the Asylum comes with a van for transporting inmates/patients. Batman and Robin are always on call in case the villains escape.


This set is very well detailed, and the high piece count means that there is enough room for creativity. There is also the fact that Arkham Asylum is one of the most famous locations in the Batman mythos. It even captures the unique cells for the inmates with superhuman powers, adding to its faithfulness.

Final Thoughts

This is one of the best LEGO Batman sets and a must have for any Batfan. From the sign to the cells, it recreates the doom and gloom of Gotham’s nut house. No wonder some of its staff have gone as crazy as the inmates. Thank goodness, Batman and his allies are there to keep the inmates in line.

Clash of the Heroes, Set 76044

The 9 Best LEGO Batman Sets (Updated 2019) (2)

I want you to picture the fight between Batman and Superman from the movie Batman vs. Superman. Now, I want you to take that image, and throw it away because you know you can do better! Batman v Superman is one of the most debated fights in the annals of fandom, and it is not hard to see why. Superman is pretty much a God that can blow up planets, but Batman has the intellect and resources to match him. Therefore, LEGO had the wisdom to let fans create their ultimate fight with this set based on the movie.

This is a small LEGO Batman set at only 92 pieces, so it is great for ages 6 to 12. The age where they graduate from DUPLO but are usually not ready for the big sets. It is an easy build, but at 4″x4″x7″, it has some cool features. The mini skyscraper build has a rotating (and exploding) bat signal, a removable barrier, and a launcher for minifigures. It has also got something called a “super jumper” that can knock the barrier down.

Then there are our two heroes. Batman has decked out in his best armor, and he has glow-in-the-dark eyes. He is armed with a stud-shooting bazooka, which can convert into a stud-gun and grapple gun. That stud gun fires kryptonite studs, by the way. As for the Man of Steel, Superman, he needs no tools.



I have always thought that Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice was a letdown and that the big fight was lame. This set can give the disappointed fans the chance to right that wrong, and play the match out the way they want to. My money is on them destroying each other.

Final Thoughts

This set is small and does not offer much in the way of building, but a lot in imagination. It is also a chance to correct the problems of a mediocre film, so that is a bonus. I do not like the movie, and I know they can do better.

Batman: Gotham City Cycle Chase, Set 76053

The 9 Best LEGO Batman Sets (Updated 2019) (3)

Deadshot and Harley Quinn have teamed up to go on a joyride through Gotham City! Deadshot is high in the sky with his jetpack and bazooka, while Harley has her cartoonishly large hammer and bike. Batman rides into battle on his Bat-cycle to bring them down to Earth.

This set focuses on two main features: the bikes used by Harley and Batman. Most of the 224 pieces go into Harley’s bike, which measures 3″x4″x2″, and her hammer. The Batcycle, meanwhile, stands at 1″x5″x2″, making it roughly the same size. Harley’s bike has an attachment for the hammer, while the Batcycle has dual stud-shooters and holders for batarangs and grapple gun. As for Deadshot, he has his jetpack.

This is a modest build for ages 7-14, right around the same age as the people that DC wanted to see the movie Suicide Squad. That is what the villains get their appearances from. It should not be that hard to build in the end.


This set has two cool motorcycles that can race around on the ground. That alone is a draw for kids. The fact that one of them has stud-shooters and the other one has a giant hammer is a bigger draw.

Final Thoughts

If you are a fan of Batman or DC comics in general, then this is one of the best LEGO Batman sets in its price range and might be worth your time. Otherwise, it will only appeal to kids and hardcore fans.

LEGO Batman Movie The Scuttler, Set 70908

The 9 Best LEGO Batman Sets (Updated 2019) (4)

In The LEGO Movie franchise, it is important to remember that Batman is a master builder. That means he can build anything he wants out of LEGO. This magnificent creation is known as The Scuttler. When The Joker crashes Commissioner Gordon’s retirement party, Batman builds this! Too bad, he gained an advantage over Barbara Gordon in the process.

This 775-piece set is the Bat-Mech we always wanted. Its 8″x9″x10″ with the arms at normal length. The cool part, though, is that the arms can extend to 14″. It is also poseable and includes a net shooter, six stud shooters, and a jetpack for Batman.

Aside from Batman and The Joker, the other minifigures are Barbara Gordon in police armor, Commissioner Gordon, and Dick Grayson in his party attire. Poison Ivy comes with her special vine monster that stands at 1″x4″x4″.

This is going to be a decent challenge to build thanks to how complex The Scuttler can be. That is why it is recommended for kids between the ages of 9 and 14. They will have gotten their toes in the water and are ready to transition to the big sets, like this one.

(Video) Find This Rare Lego Batman Minifigure! #shorts


The main draw to this is The Scuttler since it is posable and comes with so many extra features. It resembles a real bat; or as close to a bat as you can get with LEGO. It also serves as a tie-in to the fact that in The LEGO Movie-verse, Batman is a master builder. That is a nice tie-in to the franchise.

Final Thoughts

Get this if you love Batman, but keep this if you love LEGO just as much. It combines the best of both.

Best for Kids – DC The Joker Batcave Attack, Set 10753

The 9 Best LEGO Batman Sets (Updated 2019) (5)

Everyone, we knew that eventually, this day would come. The Joker has found the Batcave. I repeat, the Joker has found the Batcave. Time to suit up and kick this intruder out!

This 151-piece set is part of the LEGO juniors line as well as the DC Universe theme. It is a transitional set between bigger LEGO’s and DUPLO’s. As such, it is for kid’s age 4 to 7 and is easy as a result.

The set is divided up into three main features: the Batcave computer, the Batwing, and the Joker-Mobile. The Batcave, at 5″x6″x3″, includes the computer and a jail cell. Batman has to wipe Joker’s memory about the cave, after all. The Batwing is 1″x6″x”6″, and the Joker’s car is 2″x3″x1″. The Joker-Mobile also comes with a ball and chain element, because Joker is crazy like that. Joker also has a giant mallet to whack Batman and Robin away, but they have discs, batarangs, and more.


This set is a good way for little kids to transition into the world of LEGO, and to stoke their love of Batman. It has enough features to keep them entertained.

Final Thoughts

While this won’t have much appeal for adults, it is one of the best Batman LEGO Sets for kids and should be an excellent place to start.

Best for Adults – The Tumbler, Set 76023

The 9 Best LEGO Batman Sets (Updated 2019) (6)

Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy was one of the best portrayals of Batman we have ever gotten. It was dark and edgy, but also gave us a realistic portrayal of the legendary Dark Knight. It also gave us one of the most original Batmobiles ever, the Bat Tumbler. This was less of a car and more of a tank on wheels.

The film was meant to appeal to an older audience, so LEGO’s Ultimate Collector’s Edition of the Bat Tumbler is for older kids. Specifically, it is for ages 16 and up; an adult toy for the best builders out there.

This 1869-piece set measures in at 5″x15″x9″, making it a massive LEGO Batman set. The interior is high in detail, including:

  • Two seats
  • steering wheel
  • Computers
  • Keyboards
  • Rear View Camera

The Tumbler has six giant tires on the front and back, and a suspension system made out of TECHNIC pieces. There are hinges around the vehicle that let parts move when necessary.

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Aside from the Tumbler, it comes with a fact sheet and plaque with the stats from the movie. As for minifigures, there is the Christopher Nolan Batman and Heath Ledger’s legendary Joker that are exclusive to the set.


Its a detailed replica of one of the coolest Batmobiles in history. It comes with exclusive minifigures, and the interior resembles the Tumbler from the movie. Why shouldn’t you want to get this?

Final Thoughts

This is an amazingly detailed model with all the features found in the movie. This will be a difficult collectible for a Batfan to pass up. The price may be high, but it is worth it in the end!

Best for Expert Builders – The Joker Manor, Set 70922

The 9 Best LEGO Batman Sets (Updated 2019) (7)

After escaping from the Phantom Zone with an army of villains, the first thing Joker decides to do is trash Wayne manor. He gives it the “Joker Touch.” Now Batman has to reclaim the Manor, or else Bruce Wayne is going to kick him out (wink).

There are three reasons why this set is for experts. First, it is made up of 3,444 pieces and measures at 21″x25″x10″, so it is big. Two, it is for ages 14 and up, which it is going to be a challenge for younger builders. Besides, three, look at it. It is all asymmetrical and stuff.

Here is a rundown of the main features:

  • Grand entrance flanked by bombs
  • A rollercoaster track and train with three cars
  • Rotating ‘big eye” tower with moveable iris
  • Buildable Joker head with trapdoor and slide
  • Wheel operated punching gloves
  • Bendy mirrors inside the entrance
  • Grand Piano
  • Fireplace
  • Theater room
  • Kitchen
  • And more

Therefore, this set has a lot of cool stuff to work with.

As for minifigures, this set has more than ten different minifigures included. We get Batman, Harley Quinn, The Joker, and Barbara Gordon rounding to start with. Then we have Alfred in the 1960s Batsuit, Dick Grayson as Nightwing, and then Batman, Joker, Batgirl, and Robin in Disco outfits. So many choices.


This set has many great features. Not counting the level of detail inside the Manor, The Joker’s creative liberties make the set crazier. It has a rollercoaster! Also, there are more than ten minifigures. That’s a dream come true for such a big set.

Final Thoughts

With so many features, this wacky LEGO Batman set is a must-have for fans of the Movie.

Best for Minifigures – Jokerland, Set 76035

The 9 Best LEGO Batman Sets (Updated 2019) (8)

It was hard to choose between this and The Joker Manor, but this one won out. After graduating from being Batman’s sidekick, Robin would go on to join a new team of heroes, the Teen Titans. Sadly, the villains of Gotham have trapped Robin and two of his teammates in the sinister Jokerland. It is up to the Caped Crusader to save his former student and his new team!

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This set is made of 1037 pieces total, and divides into several mini-sets:

  • Poison Ivy’s ride is 12″x4″x2″ and has three seats, handcuffs, and a man-eating plant
  • The Penguin has wheel-operated rotating ducks, a podium, super jumper, penguin handcuffs, dynamite, and ice. Measures 10″x4″x2″
  • Harley Quinn’s ride has handcuffs, super jumper, attachment for prisoner underneath, and bike. Measures 2″x9″x2″
  • The Joker ride has a clown face with tilting hat, rolling eyes, mouth podium, mirror house, and poison pool chamber.

Meanwhile, the Batmobile is 2″x9″x2″ and has an opening cockpit, spring-loaded shooters, rear stud shooters, batwings, and the Batman logo.

There are eight minifigures in this set. On the villain’s side, we have The Joker, Penguin, Poison Ivy, and Harley Quinn. Aside from Batman and Robin, the heroes have two members of the Teen Titans: Beast Boy, the green shapeshifter, and Starfire, the alien warrior princess.

This set is of a decent size at more than a thousand pieces so that it will be a decent challenge as a result. It is also recommended for ages 8 to 14, so it presents a bit of a challenge.


The different rides and minifigures offer for a wide array of ways to play. The fact that it involves the Teen Titans is also a reminder that Batman is part of a larger universe, which is one of the things that makes him so great. Seeing other heroes team up with the Dark Knight is usually a fun experience!

Final Thoughts

This is a good LEGO Batman set for kids to get. It not only stars Batman, but it also ties into the larger DC Universe that he is a part of.

Other Sets We Like – Batman Classic TV Series – Batcave, Set 76052

The 9 Best LEGO Batman Sets (Updated 2019) (9)

This one is for our parents, grandparents, and hardcore Batman fans. Even those who have not seen the classic Batman show will recognize its impact on pop culture. Every week, families tuned in to watch Adam West and Burt Ward fight crime as Batman and Robin. Its campy style may have become synonymous with Batman for years, but it was still a lot of fun.

Now, this 2526-piece set brings home all the fun of the classic TV show. With that many pieces, it is recommended for ages 14 and up. In truth, though, it is meant for the generation that grew up watching Batman, and it knows this.

The Wayne Manor section includes Bruce’s study with the famous Batphone and Shakespeare bust, along with all the other decorations. Open the bookcase to reveal the Batpoles and head down to the Batcave!

Inside the Batcave (18″x22″x7″) is every fan’s dream: a two-floor Lab and Batcomputer and other crazy gadgets. What Batcave would be complete without the vehicles, though? The Batmobile (2″x8″x2″) has its own Batphone, an opening trunk, and two stud shooters. The cave has a door for it.

The Batcopter (2″x8″x2″) has an open cockpit for minifigures, bat-inspired wings with flick missiles, and movable propellers and rotors. The Batcave has a helipad for it.

Last, we have the Batcycle (1″x3″x1″). It has a seat for Batman, a sidecar for Robin, and a clear headlight.

Batman and Robin are not the only ones present. Alfred is there for them, and their alter egos of Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson. More important, though, are the villains. We have Catwoman, The Joker, Penguin, and The Riddler all invading the Batcave. Kick these bad guys to the curb and save the Batcave.


This is a loving tribute to one of the more memorable parts in Batman’s long history, and you can hear the theme song coming from it. The characters are faithful to their appearances in the show, which makes it even more amazing.

(Video) LEGO Batman Summer 2023 Sets OFFICIALLY Revealed - Batman vs the Joker x3

Final Thoughts

This is going to be an expensive Batman LEGO set, but considering what it is representing, it is worth the price in the end. Anyone who is a fan of the classic TV show will want to get this set!


The 9 Best LEGO Batman Sets (Updated 2019)? ›

Featuring six minifigures, 76252 Batcave – Shadow Box is made up of 3,981 pieces. That puts it above all other LEGO Batman sets by piece count, not counting 31205 Jim Lee Batman Collection since the LEGO Art set uses mostly one-stud tiles.

Which Batman Lego is the best? ›

The best Lego Batman sets are:
  • Lego Dark Knight Tumbler.
  • The Lego Batman Movie: Mr. Freeze Ice Attack.
  • Lego Technic: The Batman Batmobile.
  • Jim Lee Batman Collection.
  • Lego DC Comics: Jokerland.
  • Lego 1989 Batwing.
  • Lego Batman: Cowl Mask.
  • The Lego Batman Minifigures Series.
Jun 7, 2023

What is the biggest Lego Batman set? ›

Featuring six minifigures, 76252 Batcave – Shadow Box is made up of 3,981 pieces. That puts it above all other LEGO Batman sets by piece count, not counting 31205 Jim Lee Batman Collection since the LEGO Art set uses mostly one-stud tiles.

Does Lego Batman have a 9 pack? ›

There's never any doubt who'll win. Lego Batman makes a point of showing off his “nine-pack” (he's so awesome, he has an extra ab).

Is the Lego 1989 Batwing retired? ›

The 1989 Batwing (76161-1) is a LEGO Batman set that was released in October 2020 and retired in December 2022 with a shelf life of 2 years and 3 months . This LEGO set has 2,363 pieces and had a RRP of $199.99 (£174.99 / 199.99€) which equates to a price per piece of 0.08c (0.07p / 0.08€) .

Which LEGO Batman has open world? ›

Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes is an action-adventure open-world game, and is in some ways similar to the Batman: Arkham series.

What is 100% completion LEGO Batman? ›

100% Completion

That means you need to complete every whats-it, find every canister, unlock every character, attain Super hero/villain on every level, complete both bonus levels, free every hostage, the list can go on. Just have everything!

What is the 1st biggest Lego set? ›

LEGO® Art World Map

With over 11,000 pieces, the LEGO Art World Map is not only our biggest LEGO set (in terms of piece count), but also a beautiful piece of wall art.

What is the oldest Lego Batman game? ›

Lego Batman: The Videogame is a 2008 action-adventure video game developed by Traveller's Tales and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, released for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, Wii, Nintendo DS, Microsoft Windows, and Mac OS X.

How much is Batman #9? ›

The mint condition value of Batman #9 is $28,680. That value is based on the highest CGC rated copy to sell at auction, which is an unretouched 9.4 NM.

How long does it take to 100 percent LEGO Batman 1? ›

When focusing on the main objectives, LEGO Batman: The Videogame is about 10 Hours in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 30½ Hours to obtain 100% completion.

Is Batman Lego for kids? ›

The LEGO Batman Movie is rated PG by the MPAA for rude humor and some action. Violence: Characters are in perilous situations throughout the film.

What is the rarest LEGO? ›

Only a handful of 14k solid gold Lego® brick pieces have ever been produced, making them the rarest and also the most expensive Lego piece ever made.

What is the oldest LEGO brick? ›

In 1949 LEGO produced its first plastic brick, a precursor to its signature brick with interlocking studs on the top and tubes on the bottom. It was patented in 1958 by Christiansen's son Godtfred Kirk, who replaced his father as the head of the company.

Should I buy LEGO Batman 1 or 2? ›

I would say, in the end, that if you want just a Batman game with Batman with Batman villains, go for the original game. If you don't mind focusing on other characters like Superman and Lex Luthor as well, go for the second one, since it has a more developed story and a bigger variety of characters to play.

Why is LEGO Batman 2 so good? ›

So it's really great that LEGO Batman 2 is as ginormous as it is. And it doesn't just give you more game to play, which makes it worth the price of admission. Even more important, this open world lets you feel you're inside of the game. It lets your imagination fly to new heights.

Is LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham good? ›

LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Review Summary

LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham retains all the charms of the other Lego games, but really does nothing that the other games has not done before. Yet it still may be worth purchasing for DC and Batman fans due to its many references and easter eggs. 75% Off!


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