Property valuation tables for major cities in Pakistan (2023)

Property valuation tables for major cities in Pakistan (1)

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1 min read | Zain Nadeem |August 4, 2016

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The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has finally released property valuation tables for all the major cities of Pakistan. The property rates for the purpose of tax calculation were determined by FBR and real estate stakeholders after several meetings.

You can view the valuation tables below:

Lahore – I

Lahore – II



Multan – I

Multan – II


Faisalabad – I

Faisalabad – II













Now that the property valuation rates have been decided, no ambiguity should remain among investors and even genuine buyers. The real estate market, which has been on the rocks for the past one month, will now get back on track sooner rather than later. These valuation tables will also add transparency to real estate transactions.

Furthermore, amendments in property taxes and property valuations will curb market speculation. Though property rates for the purpose of tax calculation as determined by FBR are greater than the Deputy Commissioner (DC) Rates, the difference is still far less than the initial changes that came with the budget last month. If you have queries regarding property taxes, please feel free to converse with me in the comments section below.


Property valuation tables for major cities in Pakistan (2)

Zain Nadeem

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  1. Very difficult to find the society name. Have to check one by one in all scanned PDF documents…

    1. Sir, The FBR property valuation is self explanatory. Would you elaborate that in case of Karachi, which taxes and its percentage shall be applicable on sale deed for residential and commercial properties.

    2. I purchased 5 marla plot on Installment at a cost of 11 Lac in Apr 2016.
      Down Payment of 160000 and one installment of Rs 75000 has been paid.

      what kind of tax is applicable to that property? My installments will end 2019

    3. 10 Marla rated at
      42 lakh for DHA phase 5 Lahore
      78 lak at Kothaa Pind,,,
      How ridiculous is that?

  2. hi sir i have a confusion if i have a house whose market value is 80 lacs now as per FBR valuation it is decreased to 50 lacs now what rate i will sell my house . please clearify this. thanks

    1. this FBR valuation is for tax purposes only. You can still sell your house for whatever you want.

  3. Very informative , please explain how would this implement on very vast locations like Scheme 33 , they say it falls in category IV , but there exist some societies in scheme 33 which are lavish and sober to live and there lies some areas which are totally isolated.

  4. Can you tell me please how would the profit will be calculated for CGT purposes, when property is sold within one year and government rate of the property remains same within one year. If there is no CGT in this case then why government keep saying that within one year CGT rate is 10%. Please clarify.

  5. New rates (as per valuation table from FBR) are almost 3 to 5 times higher than the old DC for most areas in Karachi. Morover, tax percentages are also inrcreased by 2 times in general. So now we are talking about almost 4-5 times increase all together in the total amount needed for property transfer/registry. For example, if some property was transfered/registered in 1 Lac previously, now it will take around 3-4 lacs for the same property and adding 1-2% estate agent commision will drive small investor crazy.
    Having said that, the overall property price should be dropped by atleast 20-30% to compensate the new taxes and this was the whole idea concieved by the finance ministry to controll the “unrealistic” hike in property in last couple of year. The immediate impact of the new taxes is already visible in the property market by a sharp decrease in number of transactions since 1st July and the rest of the impact is still to come in coming weeks and months.

    1. dont know when will the prices come down as uptill now the new taxes have had no effect on the prices…hope prices come down 20 to 30% so that genuine home buyers can buy their homes

      1. http:// nation. Prices are already down 20%-30%, exactly what happens in a property crash. Prices decline 20-30% immediately n eventually prices go down somewhere between 60-80%. Only brokers and ppl dealing with black money will tell you otherwise.

    2. Well the real idea was to tax illegal money parked in real estate sector, because the ppl charging taxes have not parked their black money in real estate in Pakistan.
      First of all the unusual hikes will slow down but the prices wont decrease much, as there are lot of genuine buyers and still it is the safest transaction (if we avoid kabza mafia in khi) to park money and earn genuine profits by trading. (GOLD might not be as attractive now)

  6. will property prices come down.. as there is no much difference b/w DC rate and rates by FBR.. who will be on advantage buyer or seller.. what forcast can be done in near future… it is right time to purchase house or wait.

  7. No huge impact on market value

  8. price decrease is no where in sight for property…the whole aim of this exercise was to eliminate the artificial price hike…but govt has failed miserably as there seem to be no decrease in prices….can anyone clarify what the market trend is going to be in near future??

  9. why category 7 has almost same value as category 1…strange

  10. Don’t expect price decrease over night It will take a long time may be at least 7/8 months to see any significant impact.

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  12. I am still not clear on how the taxes are going to be applied on houses, if a person sales a house would the with holding tax and CGT be applied on the value of land or there is going to be an official per marla rate of houses as well coming up in the near future.

  13. HI,
    I Waana know that FBR mention the per marla price of nearly every location of lahore .so,would we hope to purchase the plot on these rates ? or market rates same as they are now
    plz reply

  14. Dear Sir,
    I have a query with specific reference to the valuation tables from Rawalpindi & Islamabad. All the area of Rawalpindi / Islamabad are not covered in the table? What rates apply to the areas that have not been enlisted?

    1. Tax on property located in such areas will be calculated per the old DC rate.

      1. is it mandatory for all purchase to pay below tax on each transfer,

        CVT 2% @FBR Value
        Stamp Duty 3% @/FBR Value
        WHT 4% (Non filler)@FBR Value (Any relaxation for overseas pakistani?)

        Mean total 9% on transfer to be paid by Purchaser other than society transfer fee?


  15. Aslamuallakum

    can I have the old DC files as well. I would like to do my comparison. Please !!

    can you please email it to me :

    Thank you.

  16. What would be the impact on market due to these amendments and valuations.


  17. Hi,

    What would be the approximate rate in sector i-10 or i-11 according to this table – as m looking to buy a house up there.

    Many Thanks – will be appreciated ur reply.

  18. Rates of all the new housing societies near New Islamabad Air Port (like University Town, Faisal Town, Top City etc) are not mentioned anywhere in Rawalpindi & Islamabad files.

    Are those not part of the property valuation exercise?

    Please reply.

    Thanks & regards, Faheem

  19. HI all,
    I buy a plot in Islamabad in 14 july and transfer to my still i am able to pay any tax

  20. Dears.
    Can some provided the details of FBR Valuating prices Residential and Commercial plots for National Police Foundation 0-9 Islamabad near PWD.
    Why it is not mentioned in the list for Islamabad or Rawalpindi areas?
    Is there any change in actual market prices for the National Police Foundation 0-9 Islamabad.
    Please help.

  21. Those who became stake holder (property dealers) have not to pay the taxes, they want the property prices to reach to sky.

  22. Hi
    Would you like to further elaborate note no IV of circular issued by FBR related to Karachi.
    For multistory building value for tax purpose will be 25% of based value or 1.25% of based value. As it is written that 25% additional value will be considered but in example they have mentioned only 25% of based value. Kindly clarify.

  23. What’s the fate of plots that are in societies where the possession has not been handed over to applicants? More specifically I want to know the property rates for State Life Cooperative Housing Society Phase II in Lahore?

  24. What taxes are levied on buyer and seller of residential plots particularly in Westridge Rawalpindi? I believe there is Advance tax and Gain Tax for seller and for the buyer there is Advance tax CVT and Stamp duties. What are the current percentages of these taxes for filers?

    Also if the seller lives abroad, will he be considered a filer or a non filer? What taxes will be levied on seller living outside Pakistan?

  25. Will you please tell me that what is the criteria for Commercialization and what charges do I have to pay in Faisalabad people’s colony

  26. Aoa Zahid Sahab,

    I would like to know what is the meaning of DC rates and who decides this?. As of now I believe the rate will be decided by FBR. Is this correct please ?

  27. Does it mean that now Dc rates are no more effective. FBR rates ll overcome the DC rates.
    Your response ll be very much appreciated.


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  30. Please forward this text to the relevant person who can deal with this issue and keep me updated:

    Capital value tax on agricultural farmland on the basis of per square foot instead of the square yard. FBR has been charging nine times more tax on the transfer and sale deeds of farmhouse FBR said they would rectify the mistake but nothing has been done yet. Revised notification not been issued yet, as soon as it is done please inform me as I am overseas at the moment.

    I’m buying land in ch Shahzad just because of that I can’t get it transfer 🙁

  31. Capital value tax on agricultural farmland on the basis of per square foot instead of the square yard. FBR has been charging nine times more tax on the transfer and sale deeds of farmhouse FBR said they would rectify the mistake but nothing has been done yet. Revised notification not been issued yet, as soon as it is done please inform me as I am overseas at the moment.


    Rizwan Rana
    Rana Petroleum

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  33. What is the land tax on agricultural land in Karachi Pakistan if you wish to buy or sell.

  34. what about areas like tehsils around cities, like muridke, kamoke, ghakkar around Gujranwala. Where to findtheir tables ?

    1. DC rate will be applicable in cities for which valuation tables haven’t been issued.

  35. @ Samra Zulfiqar
    AOA ,
    I have a query.I am going to purchase a property in Gulshan Abad Rawalpindi.
    I would like to know , how much tax I have to pay as per the new tax rules set by FBR ,being a buyer.(For transfer ONLY in society office)
    The property value will be approx 31,50,000.
    I am non-filer.

    Appreciate your quick response.

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