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My SeatGeek Review: Is it Worth it to try SeatGeek?

As a self-proclaimed concert junkie and True Blue Swiftie, I am always on the lookout for the best ticket prices. This time, I have decided to buy my Eras Tour concert ticket from SeatGeek.

I have read the reviews and was doubtful as well, but still, I decided to give it a go and experience it myself.

I’m happy to say that I was able to get my TS Ticket from SeatGeek without too much hassle.

I liked that there is a lot of flexibility and transparency when it comes to its pricing, but what I noticed is that they do not have the largest selection of tickets.

I know that a lot of people are also considering buying from SeatGeek but, like me, are having doubts because of the online reviews that they read.

Don’t worry, I’ll be telling you all about my experience buying tickets from this platform to help you decide whether you’d like to buy tickets from SeatGeek or not.

My review includes a bit of information about SeatGeek, the ticket resale process, their pricing, and overall customer support and satisfaction.

But to tell you upfront what my ratings are, I’ll give it a 4.0 out of 5 stars.


  • Simple process for buying and reselling tickets

  • Different ticketing options are available

  • Flexibility by letting you transfer tickets to other people or having the option to sell them outright

  • Has money-back guarantee

  • Final prices are already laid out upfront

  • Does not have the largest selection of tickets

  • Can be expensive

  • Mobile app limitations

What is SeatGeek?

From what I gathered, SeatGeek is a legitimate ticket marketplace that was founded in 2009 and expanded its services to include secondary and primary ticketing offerings for sports teams and live event venues in 2016.

They help their users search for, compare ticket prices, and buy tickets to various events and concerts across the United States.

They have a selection of tickets to local and national touring events. SeatGeek has an interactive seating chart that displays a deal score for each section of the venue.

This is good to help you determine which seats are being sold for close to face value.

To ease your mind, SeatGeek is not a scam. It is legit, and mostly it is considered a reliable peer-to-peer ticket marketplace.

Ticket resale process

Since SeatGeek is a peer-to-peer ticket marketplace. I decided to include the ticket resale process for both the sellers and buyers.

Ticket resale process for sellers

SeatGeek’s ticket resale process for sellers is pretty simple and straightforward.

Here’s a quick summary of how you can list and sell your concert or event tickets for interested people to buy:

  1. List your ticket for sale

To list your tickets on the SeatGeek site, you need to make an account and provide important details about the event. Input the date, venue, seating details, and number of tickets that you are reselling.

  1. Set the price

One good thing about selling tickets on SeatGeek is that sellers have the freedom to set their desired selling price. SeatGeek provides suggestions or market insights to help sellers set a reasonable but competitive price.

  1. Approval and Verification

SeatGeek will review the listing to make sure that it is accurate and legitimate. Once approved, your ticket will be listed, and it will become available for ticket buyers.

  1. Wait for a buyer

The seller waits for a buyer to accept the offer. SeatGeek facilitates the transaction.

  1. Transfer the ticket

Once someone buys your ticket, SeatGeek will give you the details of the buyer and the delivery method.

There are times when SeatGeek requires the seller to transfer the tickets electronically through their platform.

  1. Get paid

When the sale is complete, SeatGeek processes the payment for the sold ticket into the seller’s account. It is usually done through the chosen payment method of the seller.

Ticket resale process for buyers

When I bought my ticket, I did not have a hard time using their platform, as it was simple and user-friendly. I was able to compare prices and select the tickets easily.

Here is SeatGeek’s ticket resale process for interested buyers:

  1. Visit the SeatGeek website or app

Buyers can go to their website or download the SeatGeek app on their mobile phones.

  1. Search for the event you want to attend

Look for events or concerts that they want to attend.

In my case, I searched for tickets to Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour concert at Levi’s Stadium last July 28, 2023.

  1. Select the event and view the available tickets

Buyers can select the tickets that they want to buy based on their seat preferences, location, and price. You can compare prices to find the best deal.

SeatGeek also offers a feature called Deal Score, which rates the value of a ticket based on factors like price, seat location, and historical sales data.

The Deal Score is very helpful in making an informed decision about which tickets to buy.

  1. Buy the tickets

When you have already decided on the ticket that you want to buy, proceed to purchase it through the SeatGeek platform. You need to enter your payment and delivery information.

  1. Receive your ticket

After you are done paying, expect to receive your tickets through electronic delivery or physical delivery, depending on the event and ticket type.

  1. Attend and enjoy the event

The buyer can then, attend the event and use the purchased tickets for entry.

Take note that all third-party ticket sales are final unless the event is canceled.

Ticket Pricing and Fees

When I was looking for tickets, I had a set budget and seat location in mind. Although, when I checked the ticket listing, my preferred seat location cost more than my budget.

I had to pay a little more to get the seat that I wanted. Nevertheless, it was worth it!

To give you an idea of how SeatGeek sets its prices and the fees that they add, let me show you the pricing structure for both sellers and buyers.

Pricing structure for sellers?

SeatGeek allows sellers to set their own prices when selling tickets on their platform. The sellers can either raise or lower the price of their tickets and also delete their previous listing before receiving an offer.

SeatGeek collects a fee of 10% from the seller once a ticket is sold. The 10% fee is what keeps the platform running.

SeatGeek has a feature called “competitive pricing” to help sellers set the best price possible for their tickets. However, SeatGeek controls the limits and automatically adjusts ticket prices depending on market demand.

Pricing structure for buyers?

SeatGeek's pricing structure for buyers is pretty straightforward. You just need to pay the price listed for the ticket. The price reflected already included SeatGeek’s fee bundled into the ticket price.

Meaning that SeatGeek does not charge any additional fees for the buyer beyond the price listed.

Although, SeatGeek has faced backlash for not fully implementing an “all-in” pricing strategy where full ticket prices plus fees are already shown to the buyer.

In my case, this is what happened. The ticket that I chose was a fee-less listing, and the full price is only shown once I click on the seats that I want.

Ticket Authenticity and Safety

When it comes to the validity of tickets bought, there are some conflicting reviews.

My transaction came out okay, and my ticket was delivered just in time for the event.

Maybe I was just lucky that the seller immediately delivered my ticket electronically.

And although I got a bit nervous when it was my turn to have my ticket scanned, it was valid, and I was able to enjoy my concert.

Others are not that lucky, though. Below are some reviews that I saw regarding their experience buying a ticket from SeatGeek:

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