Black and White Wedding Ideas (2024)

This blog post is all about black and white wedding ideas.

If you want to be bold and chic for your wedding, then you may want to pick some contrasting colors. If you are a bride looking for wedding colors that work any time of year, then this is the wedding color scheme for you.

If you want a wedding theme that is both classic can modern then an elegant black and white wedding is the way to go. We love this color scheme because it is so easy to accomplish and looks flawless.

Black and white are both sophisticated and simple. It is the perfect choice for a couple that wants to be classy but has an edge on their wedding style.

In this blog post, we will show you some elegant black and white wedding ideas. By the end of this, we hope you are happy to take on this wedding theme and give your own spin on it.

Black and White Wedding Ideas (1)

Why Choose Black and White Color Palette?

This wedding color palette is very modern. So you’ll have all of the perks of a modern wedding, but it will still be classic style because has a white theme added to it.

Since these colors go so well together it doesn’t matter which way present it. You could have everything white on black or black on white. It all depends on what you want to do, and we will have examples of both.


Invitations for a black and white wedding theme is pretty simple. Feel free to get creative with fonts and packaging. One issue with this is choosing black envelopes because they are hard to find in stores and you will need a white paint pen for them

Black and White Wedding Ideas (2)
Black and White Wedding Ideas (3)

Love this example here because it doesn’t matter which way you decide, the print will still be bold and easy for recipients to read. There is no need for extra designs on floral on the invitations because the contrasting colors are sophisticated enough. Just pick an elegant font and go from there.

This invitation stamp is a great idea for black and white invitations. It puts the chic design just over the top because it is a finished that is customized by the couple. If you like the idea of having a stamp on your wedding invitations them there are plenty of custom stamp options on Etsy.


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The signage for this wedding theme is so pretty. This welcome sign is so gorgeous. The white text on the black background looks amazing. It looks super cute with the white roses and greenery draped across the top.

Black and White Wedding Ideas (6)

The black on white is cute too if you are looking for a more classy side of this theme. This will be great for indoor and outdoor settings. Just make sure that if you are not using any other colors in this theme, make sure you have a black stand for the wedding sign.


Black and white wedding decor is the best part of this wedding theme. Wedding decorations could include the wedding bouquets, table setting, arbor and so much more.

This theme could be incorporated easily in the ceremony and wedding reception. It could be accomplished by having something simple like black chairs with white florals for the ceremony. And having black tables with white wedding decor for the reception table.

Black and White Wedding Ideas (7)

A perfect example of black chairs being complimented with white florals and candles. The pampas grass and greener adds class to this wedding theme.

Black and White Wedding Ideas (8)

You could take this to another level and do black and clear accessories. At this reception table, they utilized acrylic tableware and it brings a modern element to this theme.

Here is an example of a black white and clear table setting. The acrylic chairs and table decor adds depth and a futuristic vibe for the wedding. This is so elegant and versatile for an indoor wedding reception or outdoor wedding.

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We also love the black white and gold combination for this theme. Adding gold flatware and a gold vase to the floral wedding centerpieces looks so good with a black and white table.

Black and White Wedding Ideas (11)

It may be difficult finding a black wedding arbor or arch. Most wedding designers spray paint a wood arbor black ahead of the wedding ceremony and decorate it with white wedding decor. Pair that with white flowers and a white drape and your wedding arch will be so lovely and different.

Black and White Wedding Ideas (12)

Geometric shapes are a big trend for weddings so incorporate them into your black and white wedding. Love the bundles of flowers at each corner of this wedding arch.

Black and White Wedding Ideas (13)

White candles with black candle holders. What more can I say? It’s just so stunning!


The attire is one of the best things about this theme. Everyone looks good in black and we need to let go of the traditional ideas for wedding colors. Just look at how chic these people look at a black and white wedding.

Black and White Wedding Ideas (14)

To start off the bridal party could wear black wedding dresses. It doesn’t matter if they are the same exact dress or different. Add some black strappy heels and they are good to go. We just love the sage greenery wedding bouquets they are holding

Black and White Wedding Ideas (15)

Look at how they are holding white bouquets for the pop of color. And the gold sandals are so classic, they add such richness to these bridesmaid’s dresses.

Black and White Wedding Ideas (16)

Just love men in a classic black suit. So timeless and it goes perfectly with this wedding theme.

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Another thing to add to this is requesting your guests to wear black to the wedding. This will make your wedding look so aesthetically pleasing and this is a pro-tip if you want some amazing wedding photos of walking down the aisle.

Imagine you are walking down the aisle and everyone on both sides of the aisle and the wedding party is in black and you are the only one wearing a white wedding dress. You will stand out at the ceremony and this will make some EPIC wedding photos.

Food and Drink

Black and White Wedding Ideas (18)

During the co*cktail hour serve martinis. You could also make this one of your signature drinks.

Black and White Wedding Ideas (19)

Look at this beautiful wedding cake by Maeflour Cakes. A white wedding cake with black and white florals is the way to go for a black and white theme wedding.

Black and White Wedding Ideas (20)

And make your wedding exit spectacular with a black car with a white “just married” sign. Or a white car with black details. In this example, the couple exited in a beautiful white jeep.

We hope you loved the ideas we mentioned. Happy wedding planning!

Black and White Wedding Ideas (2024)


Is black and white good for a wedding? ›

Whether you're planning a modern, minimalistic, romantic, classic or whimsical wedding, black-and-white is always the go-to colour scheme. It is uncomplicated. If you are not too sure what colour theme to go for, black-and-white is the easiest and most straight-forward solution.

What color goes with a black and white wedding? ›

Nothing says “glamour” like incorporating elements of gold into a black and white wedding. You can even think outside the box with more varied colors like green or blue.

What is the dress code for a black and white wedding? ›

Somewhat on the unconventional side—unlike its 'co*cktail' or 'white tie' counterparts—the black and white dress code is one that is typically assigned to semiformal and formal events. As the name suggests, guests are expected to dress exclusively in monochromatic hues from head to toe.

What is the meaning of the black and white wedding? ›

A black and white wedding is much more than decorations and superstitions – such a theme symbolizes union, love and teamwork, as can be seen in Chinese philosophy. In addition, the aesthetics are as basic as they are sophisticated and delightful to look at.

What does black mean at a wedding? ›

In some cultures, black is less common for weddings. "Certain cultures, such as Indian and Chinese cultures, tend to stay away from black because it represents being in mourning. You want to take an extra thought if you are attending a more traditional wedding to be respectful," says Avrumson.

Why do people wear black wedding? ›

Reasons for the Popularity of Black Wedding Bands

Symbolism: Black can represent strength, courage, and a deep commitment. Some find it a powerful symbol of an enduring bond. Modern Aesthetic: Black wedding bands exude a sleek, modern style that is both timeless and trendy.

How do you style a black and white wedding? ›

The Ceremony

If you're going for black and white here, bring it to life with lots of greenery such as ruscus and eucalyptus, with flickering lights in glass cylinders or vases with pillar candles adding the warmth of candlelight.

What color flowers go with black and white? ›

A mix of peonies and gerbera daisies with a touch of color adds an understated elegance to the bride's white and black bridesmaids' dresses. In addition to the bouquets, white blooms and greenery were displayed during the ceremony and reception.

Who wears black to a wedding? ›

There's one instance when you should feel extra confident wearing black to a wedding, and that's when it's a black tie wedding, or a wedding with a formal dress code - a black, full-length gown fits effortlessly with this aesthetic.

Can I wear black and white polka dot to a wedding? ›

Classic Black & White: Timeless and sophisticated, black and white polka dot dresses are a go-to choice for winter weddings.

Should a female guest wear black to a wedding? ›

As for what to avoid, Swann advises that wedding guests stay away from looks that are "too low cut, too short, or too tight.” And while black dresses and gowns are perfectly acceptable for most formal weddings, you might want to consider another hue if you've been invited to afternoon nuptials or a casual, seaside ...

What to wear to a 5 pm wedding? ›

The staff suggests that if a wedding is taking place at 4 p.m. or 5 p.m., you should wear something that easily transitions from day to night; any ceremony after 6 p.m. should be strictly co*cktail.

Why do bride and groom dress in black and white? ›

Some say that white represents purity and innocence, while black is a symbol of power and authority. Another theory is that white was originally worn because it was the most difficult color to stain, while black was seen as the most luxurious color.

Does a black wedding dress have a meaning? ›

Some may be concerned about what it means to wear a black wedding dress. While the traditional white wedding dress was meant to symbolize innocence, a black wedding dress depicts elegance, power, mystery, and individuality.

What is the superstition about wearing black to a wedding? ›

Traditionally speaking, wearing black to a wedding is considered taboo. Whether it's a sign of mourning, a symbol of evil, or a sign of bad luck for the marriage, our parents and grandparents likely wouldn't have even had to consider whether black at a wedding was appropriate.

Is it fashionable to wear black to a wedding? ›

In short, yes, but the key is in the styling. You want to avoid looking like you dressed for a funeral, and your outfit should feel like it was chosen with a special occasion in mind!

Can you wear a white and black patterned dress to a wedding? ›

A black and white print should be fine, as long as there's not that much white and it's a somewhat casual dress (you don't want to seem like you're trying to look like the bride).

Should I wear black in wedding? ›

So ultimately, the answer to the question, "Can you wear black to a wedding?" is a resounding yes, provided you do so thoughtfully and stylishly.

Is white a good color for a wedding? ›

At spring and summer weddings, it's popular for couples to throw a themed event with an all-white dress code on the big day or in the lead-up to it. In that case, Choi advises guests to choose solid white styles versus white floral prints, for example, because that's probably what the bride will be wearing.

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