Barry Wunsch: "Hear His Call! God Is Raising Up a Remnant Who Will Stand" (2023)

Leaders – Hear His Call!

Prophetic word of the Lord from July 7, 2022:

Globally, we are in a critical, critical moment in history. It is more than just Canada and America. We are at the tip of the spear; the nations are counting on us.

Holy Spirit dropped this word into my spirit as I was between national meetings. It was sobering. This was given to me in strong language; it was a clear call. I was trembling inside with the fear of the Lord and overcome with Holy Spirit fire as it came on me.

He spoke to me in a very strong way, and so I share now, in strict obedience, exactly what He gave me. He is looking for a response. It is not just a casual suggestion. If the nation was aware of what is coming, the altar would be full; it would be a stampede. We cannot relent.

"Leaders of the Ecclesia, hear this call! Leaders on the mountains, hear My voice! Fathers and mothers, hear the call! Gather your family! Get over the offense! Lay it down! Let My love restore all among you as you humble yourselves, one to another. Let My healing flow! Let family revival fire burn among you!

"Governmental leaders, hear My CRY! It's about Me and My Kingdom – NOT YOURS! Lay down your pride, your agenda, your ego, your insecurity, your fear; lay down your control! It's not about you! Get over yourself! Lay it down before it is taken from you.

"I am raising up a new governance, not new politics! I am turning leaders upside down and shaking out their pockets! Money shall not rule you! Power shall not rule you! I will burn it out or remove you! It must be different, and it will be.

"I am bringing My fire to burn out anything that is not built on My foundation. I am coming, and I will not relent until it is done!

"My media – My trumpet – clear your throat! Find your voice! Shout from the rooftops! I have given you the air, but you have to act! I am establishing a new way that they won't be able to touch or control. I will expose the fakers, and you will know by My Spirit!

"Teachers, clean out your desk! This generation is in your hands. Do not cause My little ones to stumble! No longer can you dare to be silent! Those days must be put behind you. You have a great responsibility. I will lead you and guide you and show you the way. Unions shall be shaken out and shaken down, for My righteous ones shall prevail!

"For the Arts, this is not a dress rehearsal! I have given you a stage – not for you but for Me! Release My heart; release My truth! I will not cancel those called by My name, but you have to stand up! I will anoint you for this hour. I am looking for Holy Spirit vessels! I am releasing a renaissance movement like never before. Creativity will flow faster than you can capture it all!

Barry Wunsch: "Hear His Call! God Is Raising Up a Remnant Who Will Stand" (1)"My Josephs, I know you have been hurt; I know that you have been used; I know all that has beset you! Those excuses hold water no longer, for I have called you and I have redeemed you. You have a gift that has come from Me, for My Kingdom purposes – not to build yours! You will find that as you trust Me, and release into the Kingdom all that I give you, My flow will be unending. You won't be able to contain it. (Photo via Piqsels)

"You must draw unto Me. I have entrusted you with great gifts; steward them well with Me, for it is more than you can manage on your own. For I can dry up a river at the sound of My voice; I can release a dam by the power of My word!

"I am calling you into surrender – full surrender. For those who lay it all down, great shall be your reward! For even now the enemy advances! Walk in faith; the time is now! Strap on your helmet, grab your shield, buckle up your belt – cinch it up tight! Lace up your boots; put on that breast plate! Run to the altar – run to My side! It is not enough to just say you agree.

"When, when will you decide to act and raise your voice? Are you going to wait until your hour passes by, when it is too late? The enemy's dust is on the horizon! Now is the hour of salvation; now is the hour of great awakening; now is the hour to mobilize! You will not be able to blame another. They cannot speak in your defense.

"Hear My call; hear My trumpet resound in the land. Hear it loud and hear it clear! It is not My heart that anyone [should] perish but, rather, have an everlasting life with Me! We must engage together, as one!"

Holy is the word of the Lord.

I Will Not Bow to the Religious Spirit

Prophetic Declaration from July 14, 2022:

A few weeks ago, we were under such spiritual opposition. There were spirits coming at us trying to oppress us, take out our family and push us away from the national targets and Kingdom assignments we have been working on. It was ridiculous!

There has also been, over the past few months, an increasing pressure to shut down and silence prophecy, intercession and worship, to restrict our access into the realms we need to ascend to – the places we need to occupy in the spirit. We dare not relent at this time. We must press in like never before!

The demonic release of judgment, gossip, rejection, jealousy and pride has been evident as an attempt from the enemy to shut down the saints. The demonic spirits released by the enemy are trying to divide, hurt, control and shut us down. There is often accompanying control and manipulation on many levels, with the enemy twisting truth and communication to cause problems and issues.

The attack upon the Body in this hour has been full on to get us off the main target of the enemy. Pray for those who are coming against you. Don't dispose [of] them. Walk in truth and walk in love! Watch your heart! Rejection is so painful; there have been way too many casualties. This was never the Father's plan!

We must stop the 'cannibalism' in the Church; we must stop the gossip. Like a pillow and feathers being released in Central Park, once released, they are hard to recover!

The fear of the Lord is coming once again to the Body. We are being called higher! These things are hard to talk about, but they must be brought into the light.

When we have unresolved issues, it gives the enemy a foothold and access, if they are not brought to the light and brought under the Blood with repentance and forgiveness. There is no one who is perfect. We must remember that the ground is level at the foot of the Cross!

Barry Wunsch: "Hear His Call! God Is Raising Up a Remnant Who Will Stand" (2)If God is big enough for me, He is big enough for my brother! We are seeing breakthrough! As we walk in this, it is at hand; it is now, and it is coming! It was strongly impressed upon my spirit how critical it is to go in low right now and keep our love on. (Photo via Unsplash)

I felt the Lord impress upon me that if we have anything in us that rejoices in a brother's failure or lack of success – or worse yet, we hope or push for their failure, we are in trouble. May God give us supernatural grace and wisdom to walk in truth and mercy with the humility and heart of God.

Now is not the time to be taking one another out with our words, our deeds or our actions. Every part of the Body is important and needed! We have to be okay that other parts look and work differently than ours! We must go higher! We are called to gather at the altar to pursue Him, where worship and intercession intertwine together as one, in unity with Him! It is about Him!

Many in our nations are in the battle of their lives right now. We are fighting for our families, marriages, finances, health – not to mention our freedom from the evil oppressions and agendas that are besetting us! Post-traumatic stress upon the nations is at an all-time high.

As I see it, now is the time to run full out with no stops to the altar, pressing in like never before. It is offensive to the religious spirit when it gets loud! But when done in the right spirit, it drives back the enemy! I am not saying that it has to get loud, but when it does, and when it gets messy, we should be prepared for anything to happen.

Leaders, be careful what you shut down, and be careful what you allow or disallow! Give no room for the enemy at the altar! Be careful not to shut God out when He comes in and compromise to a demonic spirit! I have seen this – the snake on the altar... If there is a day we need to stand, this is the day. So, let it be known that it is with this declaration that we stand!

The Declaration: I will not bow to the religious spirit. I will not bow to the political spirit. I will not bow to Jezebel. I will not bow to control and manipulation. I will not bow to fear. I will not be an enabler. I will stand for truth, righteousness and justice. My voice will not be silenced. There is one whom I will bow to; it is the Lord, Jesus Christ. There is no other.

This is a critical hour. We must go higher, no matter the cost. May no one be left behind. Who else is willing? I feel to pray for a release for healing, restoration and unity – for healing of the wounded and hurting in the Body.

God Is Releasing a Visitation Upon the Children

Prophetic word of the Lord from July 2, 2022:

"Barry, tell My people that I am releasing a visitation upon the children. There are gate keepers who have tried to keep Me out of the schools. Let it be known that they do not have a chance against what I am about to release through the children, for I am preparing and releasing a revival among the little ones...little apostles, little prophets, little evangelists, little pastors and little teachers.

"They will open gates into family restoration. They will bring My love into the schools. They will be deliverers. They will be saturated in My love and compassion. They will be peacemakers. They will be given dreams and words for teachers. They will lay hands on the sick and they will recover."

Holy is the word of the Lord.

Vision of a Prophet Getting Stoned

Prophetic Encounter from July 25, 2022:

Barry Wunsch: "Hear His Call! God Is Raising Up a Remnant Who Will Stand" (3)This one is hard to share. During a time of prayer and soaking, I was taken into the spirit where I was suddenly watching a prophet getting stoned.

I did not recognize who it was, but they were on the ground surrounded by a crowd of angry religious people who were yelling and screaming at this prophet. The prophet was cloaked with the grace, peace and mercy of God and remained in this posture, despite the attack that was upon them. The perfect love of the Father overshadowed them during this violent and vile attack. (Photo via

What I saw was that as this prophet laid down their life in love and obedience to the Father – no matter the cost – higher levels of revelation were coming, but there was a price to be paid. I saw a higher level of authority coming to those who would walk in biblical signs, wonders and miracles, shifting things as the Father walked with them.

The call and the gift is not meant to be an industry, with everyone wanting a piece of it for their own gain. It is clear that prophets can only be owned by none other than the Lord Jesus Christ.

Real significance only comes from Him – from intimacy with Him and obedience to Him. It is not right to look for significance from people, because of who they are or are not connected to; it's not a competition. It's not about how many followers you have or don't have; it's not about the size of the ministry you have – it's about Him! It's not about how you can move a room; it's about how He can move a room! It's about how you do it with Him! It's about Him! It's about the Kingdom! The gift comes at a very high cost, and He is the main desire. His presence is everything. It is all that matters!

I was broken as I watched this prophet getting stoned, but I saw that their great reward was and is Him! All else faded away! And at the end, that's all that mattered.

Let the Wealth Transfer Begin!

Prophetic Dream from August 3, 2022:

I had a dream that I watched a massive volcano erupt in Tonga. The plumes of smoke, steam and ash were bigger than several eruptions put together. Then I saw the land begin to flourish with crops that were five to ten times the size of anything that had been grown there before.

I woke up, and instantly the Lord dropped this word into my spirit:

"The warlords in Tonga and Africa have had their day. Enough is enough," says the Lord. "For watch as I bring a renewed prosperity to the land. The volcanic activity – the greatest you have seen – shall release unto the nation a richness from the depths that has never been seen.

"Africa will not have a food crisis; they shall be a food basket that I shall use before the nations, and the enemy's hands will no longer have access to it as in days gone by. Africa, you are turning to Me, and I have heard your cry! You are hitting the tipping point! My glory shall be seen throughout the land!"

I saw a massive volcano, and afterward, fruit, crops and agriculture went to a completely new level.

"Let it be known that the wealth transfer – My great wealth transfer – has begun. Let the nations tremble. Let My people rejoice, for this is the hour you have been waiting for! For I have and I always will stand by My word and will breathe upon it unto its completion.

"I have said it before and I shall say it again: You shall have no other gods before Me [Exodus 20:3]. Turn to Me on this day with all of your heart. Put aside every entrapment that ensnares you and I will show you My salvation that is greater than the grave!"

Holy is the word of the Lord.

The Call on Canada

Barry Wunsch: "Hear His Call! God Is Raising Up a Remnant Who Will Stand" (4)Please cover us, our families and team during this time... We have been taking back ground slowly, day by day, for Canada, America the Beautiful and the nations. We are the tip of the spear. (Photo via Unsplash)

The call on Canada to the nations is so important. Our nations are so closely tied together. The battle over Canada to stop us from coming into our destiny is raging. The enemy is trying to do all he can to prevent us from fulfilling our call.

Nationally, we were down to the hour before things went sideways. I was in meetings; God was bringing different ones together in unity for the nation – political leaders, national leaders, Ecclesia leaders, patriots and media leaders. There were some things that came to light, and we were then able to understand what was going on and how to navigate through it. Now there are important upcoming dates on the calendar that are very critical for the nation. We must – we must – work together in unity.

Just as in a war, a platoon can only see a few hundred meters. Not knowing if there is a battalion coming up from the northeast or the southwest, they need to work together; so it is now with these different leaders and groups. We must move together and work together.

I can say this: There is a new platform – a new governance – being prepared and released for the Canadian people to stand together on as one, in unity, for truth and righteousness, and as one nation under God, for the people and by the people. It will change the political landscape of Canada and take it out of globalism and post nationalism, so that, in fact, the destiny of Canada can (and will) be fulfilled.

I believe that we can see a turnover in this nation that is unexpected and outside of the election cycle as we currently see it, and there is not much time to do it. It is not far from being released and 'stood up.' So get ready, Canada. This is going to get exciting! We've got this!

The Strength of the Remnant

We were recently at a gathering in Drayton Valley, Alberta, at a place called The Altar – a quarter of land dedicated to the Lord for gatherings, intercessors, worshipers and the like. I was told that we had between 1,700 and 2,000 people in the bush under open skies that weekend. It's an incredible place.

At any rate, on one of the nights, before the gathering, we were coming out of a discernment meeting for all the leaders. It was overcast with heavy clouds, and rain was starting to come down. Steve Holstrom [one of the leaders] got on his knees, not sure what to do – should we cancel or should we press in?

What started to unfold was the most amazing thing. Those who had gathered began to worship, despite the natural conditions. In fact, as the rain increased, they sang a little louder. As the wind increased, they danced a little harder. It was not long before the storm came full on, turning into a torrential downpour! I mean, it stormed!

What I saw was so powerful to me. This was the army of God – a remnant. No matter how bad the storm was, there was nothing that was going to hold them back! I know that this is the time where God is raising up a people to stand against all that the enemy is sending, and we will not back down; in fact, bring on the storm! We are ready!

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