45 Mother of the Bride Dresses and Shopping Tips from a Stylist | The Bridal Finery (2024)

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45 Mother of the Bride Dresses and Shopping Tips from a Stylist | The Bridal Finery (1)

45 Mother of the Bride Dresses and Shopping Tips from a Stylist | The Bridal Finery (2)

45 Mother of the Bride Dresses and Shopping Tips from a Stylist | The Bridal Finery (3)

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Mother of the Bride Dresses (and Groom)

The Bridal Finery does not sell Mother of the Bride dresses. For an in-store experience, we recommend Susan Lee’s in Atlanta, GA. They have a wide selection of gowns for the mother of the bride and groom and are worth the trip! After you find your dress, we would love to help you with accessories. We have a large selection of co*cktail jewelry we can customize to match your dress! We would love to help!

What color should the Mother of the Bride wear?

Typically the Mother of the Bride’s dress should complement the bridal party’s color palette. Not necessarily match with the bridesmaids, but choose a color in the color family. The most popular color for the mother of the bride to wear is navy or a royal blue, followed by blush or a shade of nude. It’s safe to say that you should never wear white and shy away from the overall color family unless the bride instructs you to wear a certain shade. Traditionally, another color to avoid is red. It’s best to ask the bride for her color palette and preference of color for you to wear!

Send the bride pictures of dresses you are considering so you can collaborate on the perfect look.

Should the Mother of the Bride (or Groom) wear a print dress?

I think elegant prints are fine, floral patterns are beautiful. However, stay away from any design that would be distracting in wedding pictures! Patterns are always riskier and they do get dated easily. Think about these photos being on display in family member’s homes for years to come. If you go with a print, just make sure it’s a more timeless option. If you don’t love solids, one option would be to do a solid dress, that has a play on different textures.

What about Mother of the Bride Dresses with Sleeves?

Often mothers feel most comfortable covering their arms; however, they don’t want to feel like a grandma. One approach is to try out a sheer sleeve. This creates a conservative feel while making more of a fashion statement. Keep in mind you may want a v-neck or more of an open neckline to not feel weighted down in fabric. A beautiful v-neck is a great option if you feel best in sleeves. If you see a dress you love that doesn’t have sleeves, a seamstress could always create them. Unlike wedding dresses, you probably won’t have the ability to order a yard of fabric to make the sleeves. One solution is to order two of the same dress. This way a seamstress can use the fabric from the second dress to create a a new neckline on the dress you are wearing. It’s amazing what seamstresses can do!

Should a Mother of the Bride or Groom wear co*cktail or Full-length?

Unless the wedding is directly on the beach or is a brunch time wedding, I recommend wearing a long dress. Throughout the years, weddings have become more formal and most bridesmaid dresses are long. In most cases, we recommend the mothers are even a little more dressed up than the bridesmaids given they are a host. Also, long dresses are more slimming than co*cktail length. By all means, if a full-length dress is not for you, don’t wear one. It’s a 8-10 hour day and you need to feel your best! Keep in mind, a seamstress could always hem a full-length dress into an ankle or co*cktail length.

How formal is too formal for a Mother of the Bride Dress?

It’s hard to be overdressed at a wedding, but it’s easy to be underdressed. If you are unsure, always side with caution and go for more of a formal look. Remember you are going to be in all the family photos with the men wearing suits and possibly tuxedos. If you fall in love with a dress that is less formal, how you do your hair, makeup, and the jewelry you wear will help elevate the look. We love seeing our moms dressed to the nines on wedding day!

What should I wear to a summer or spring wedding as the mother of the bride (or groom)?

With our boutique being based in Florida, we know all too well how to dress for warmer climates. Heat flashes and sweat marks are not an elegant look for the aisle. Think of the fabric first. Stay away from stiffer fabrics like satin and taffeta. Try out softer fabrics like stretch jerseys and chiffons. If you are concerned with clinging fabrics, just go up 1-2 sizes and wear proper undergarments. We love our Spanx! Also, consider wearing your hair up in a low, elegant French bun.

Should I wear a certain color based on the Fall or the Winter season?

Seasons are less important when it comes to weddings. The temperature outside needs to be considered; however, the colors don’t have to follow suit. Wear colors you feel confident in as long as they approved by the couple. The city the wedding is taking place in has a lot more to do with the colors than the season. In Florida, we tend to see neutrals to bright tones. While up North, there are more darker tones overall. When you are shopping for your mother of the bride (or groom) dress, ask yourself if the color you are wanting is in season yet. You might be limited if you are shopping for a lavender color in October since evening wear dresses are more seasonal.

I want to drop weight before the wedding. When should I buy my Mother of the Bride (or Groom) dress?

Two months before the wedding there is a lot going on! The couple might rely on you more to help them finalize the never ending list of details. Get ahead and shop early. I recommend purchasing your mother of the bride or groom dress 6 months before the wedding, if possible. This is why… once your dress arrives, you’ll need to make sure you have the right shoes and jewelry. Also, having the dress helps make the decision on hair and makeup. The seamstresses will need 2-3 weeks before the wedding to alter the dress. If you are trying to drop weight, go for it, you can aways take the dress in! Lastly, you get major bonus points for having your dress early. Nothing stresses a couple out more than their parents telling them weeks before the wedding that they still don’t have a dress. Now go find that dress!

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45  Mother of the Bride Dresses and Shopping Tips from a Stylist | The Bridal Finery (2024)
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